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Rare, difficult to find.  



In platinum and 18KT yellow gold this older style Richard Krementz Gemstones ring is great for the person with an a average size hand. 

The stone is royal blue with a small hint

of violet.  The diamonds sparkle with

a special kind of brilliance. The trillion shape gem quality diamonds are perfectly matched for color, cut and clarity.  The setting is substantial, smooth and easy to wear. This gem quality tanzanite has a lot to offer from the exceptional vibrant

cut, royal blue hue, and yellow gold scroll motif with diamond on the side. The diamonds, of course, are exceptional VS1 clarity, F color. The very best.

Call or email for details     SOLD


This exceptional 18K yellow gold with

platinum inlay is amazing in person.

The cutting style of the gem is not appreciated here.  I will attempt better

photographs.  The beryl (same family

as emerald) 6.61ct, a rare size for the

color.  Also having 1.05ct total of

round brilliant diamonds on all four

sides of this heavy wearable sculpture.

12,500.00 original list price

call me if you desire beryl in a golden

color, the price will surely please.


Gem quality natural Imperial topaz. 


Set in platinum with 18K yellow gold

pointed prongs, this gem must be seen

to be appreciated.  The clarity and transparency is only seen in the finest

specimens.  Now add two superbly cut,

VS1, matched F color diamonds with the signature of RKG1866 inside the ring

and you have a timeless ring that will

transcend time.  An heirloom waiting

to happen. Comes with the Krementz

Certificate The weight of the ruby is

1.27ct.  The diamonds are .52ct.  The list

price is 13,900.00




Rare from the Greek word sphenos meaning wedge, Titanite or sphene is noted for its trichroism, or three distinct colors.  A true collectors gem, worn on very special occasions due to the hardness of 5.5. Prized for it's excessive

dispersive power, it exceeds diamond, this gem will absolutely dazzle anyone in any light. Surrounded by stunning, ideal cut VS1 clarity, F color diamonds set in luxurious platinum.

Let this dazzler light up yours...

12,500 List in 2011  

Call for special consideration. 

cambodian zircon

In luxurious platinum and 18K yellow gold with exceptional diamonds.  This ring cannot fail to be noticed.  A statement piece, the platinum convex dome filled with diamonds

centers on an oval Natural Zircon found in Cambodia and cut to perfect in the US.

If blue is your color, this ring is for you.

Size 7.  Could be resized by a master.  I have access to one of the goldsmiths that Krementz employed.

11,800 list price in 2009  

Significantly less today


Richard Krementz Gemstones

This United States Jewelry manufacturer

began in 1866.  They were based in Newark NJ. At one time they were the largest jewelry manufacturer in the world.

The name has always been synonymous with quality, especially colored gems.

Krementz color was the buzzword in Tucson at the American Gem Trade Show. Sadly in February 2013, at the AGTA show the company closed following the death of it's leader Richard Krementz, Jr.

​I was lucky enough to purchase many pieces of their remaining stock. So I am now able to offer them at less than original wholesale cost. History combined with quality, a formula ​for value.