22K yellow gold ring hand made to

showcase an Ancient Silver Greek coin

Approximately 300-400BCn that depicts

APOLLO Son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis.  Know as God of Music, prophecy, light, archery and also religious healing.  The swan and the lyre are his symbols.  It is said when he was born a circle of swans surrounded the

island of Delos.  Wear an ancient symbol, a rare coin in a simply elegant ring, a small size US five. 



To spend one's days in a garden.

Can there be any greater treasure?


With rose cut natural diamonds, one with a peach hue, also containing a natural unheated sapphire,

 an unheated natural ruby set in a vase full of

flowers from the "Garden" thus the Italian word

Giardinetto comes into focus. The shank is formed  as a tree branch.   Popular with aristocrats in the late 18th century, rings of this quality and condition are extremely rare.  I am sure

if we could connect the dots and follow this ring through it's travels, we may find a person of history connected to it's beauty. Purchased from an estate

30 years ago.  Kept as a secret treasure. 

6900.00 An exceptional price for the condition. 



In lower carat gold, probably made from

the coinage at the time, this magnificent

brooch shows the color of sapphires

when they reach the surface of the earth

whether through mining or alluvial deposits.  It reminds me of coloring

with pink and blue crayons as a child, I called it the princess color then.

I have had it so long, I must do some research before I price this item.

I have no idea of the value at this time.

I do know that natural unheated stones

of beautiful hue are very rare. 

To be continued...


Yellow gold, Garnet and Seed Pearl

Link Bracelet from the Stetson Estate

​Will fit an average to small wrist, the

garnets in this bracelet have the type of

inclusions that you see in older stones.

Of course finding matched stones in those days was much more difficult than

today with all of our modern technology.

The seed pearls were much more valuable

at the time as natural pearls were as

prized as large diamonds.  A so called

"Age of Innocence" before WWI.

This would have been worn only in the evening at an event.  Jewelry was not

worn in general during the day. These pieces can be found with or without

hallmark.  This piece happens to

be one without.  

​Own a piece of history for       550.00

ParisCity of Lights Fall 2013

by KO

lorna davison designs