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michael bondanza

Emerald and diamond ring.  Signed with the earlier mark and 18K this very elegant ring will surely put a smile on anyone's face.  The Emerald

has the structure of one from Colombia, it has exceptional color and clarity, although the telltale inclusions under the microscope speak to it's natural origin.  The diamonds are VS1, D color, the princess cuts are perfectly matched for cut, color and clarity.  The ring is solid and handmade.  The emerald is approximately one carat, the diamond weight over one carat.  To make a ring of this quality at today's prices would be over 10,000.  Please call me to discuss.  The ring is currently a size 6.5  It could be sized slightly either way.  


He honed his skills as an artist from boyhood, through painting and sculpting and later through teaching

fine arts.  As a form of experimentation he tried his hand at jewelry.  His early

efforts were met with immediate

success and in 1974 the designer started

selling work to the most prominent

retailers on 5th Avenue including


Bondanza's designs are complex combinations.  With each design achieving harmony.  Nothing is ever

random, each aspect is a deliberate.

He approaches each design as if it were a moveable piece of sculpture.

He is driven by the desire to create something new and unique more than

looking for commercial success. He designs what he wants, not thinking whether it will sell.  He admits to being

a perfectionist, which is why you will find him most days at the bench.  His

ability to make a piece from start to

finish is vital to the creative process.

I have always admired his work.  The quality sets it apart as well as the

artistic vision.  His pieces are easily

recognized and stand alone.

I hope to feature more of his items

in the future. My joy in life is enjoying

the creations of God and man.  Not to

wear it, but just to look at it and keep

it for the next generation.


Artist        Sculptor        Jeweler

Artistic perfection rather than commercial success is the major influence behind the creations of this

brilliant American designer.  He has

achieved both, as his wearable sculptures

have been commissioned for museum

exhibitions as well as story bracelets

that have sold as high as 100,000.