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​A great gift   195.00  to 220.00

Your choice in Peridot, Blue Topaz, Citrine,

Amethyst and ​Garnet

Yellow diamond rings

In solid sterling silver, these pave "yellow" diamond rings are reasonable and great for a lady with two daughters.  Approximately 1/2 inch across.  Buy her "rare" yellow diamonds 

to wear everyday.  These are size 7.5

(I personally do not believe that colored diamonds are rare, expensive yes, but rare, not in this world with the technology we have.)

​95.00 for the set.  Each ring has two diamonds.


In an elegant classic styling, these substantial

studs (above 1/2 inch across) have solid yellow

gold accents to hold the gems. Solid quality. 

These will go well with fall winter outfits. Shorter hair styles that expose the ears are just

right.  The sterling backs are also well made.

On closeout  85.00 per pair   SOLD


Jade, citrine  black pearl, grey pearl with sterling silver clasp.  Daughter of the owner of United States Pearl Company 

in Tennessee, this lady designs pieces that

are both elegant and unique.  In a versatile 24" length this necklace is sure to please.  A very reasonable 120.00



reasonable luxury

beginning at 35.00

kim fox

sterling silver rings

The phoenix rising is Kim's banner.

She tells the story of working in corporate America until age fifty.

She then decides to follow her lifelong

dream to be an artist.  So she gave up

her former life and the Phoenix rose

from the ashes.  So it is the symbol of

her freedom and strength.

Her jewelry can be ordered in Sterling

Silver (as shown)Golden Bronze, or a combination of Silver and Copper called

runway style

CLASSIC ​designer all the way

ginger burris

copper & hematite


ginger burris

sterling silver and copper bangle

A piece from her private collection.  Has memories attached and tons of great energy.  Truly comfortable, as it does not spin on just the right size wrist.

Quality combined with the energy of a 

talented person                         129.00

ginger burris

copper & niobium wire

Be original for                          35.00

ginger burris

Statement necklace

Copper and Phrenite

Absolutely original and world class

This talented lady inspires me.

Yours for 125.00         SOLD

Sterling Silver pendant with 

Swarovski Crystal in Dazzling Black Ceramic

Great for an evening in black           95.00

18K sterling silver onyx ring

available in amethyst or peridot


Designer all the way, nicely crafted

for the substantially low price of       169.00                  

what is this in the middle?

Apoptosome is a large quaternary protein formed in the process of apoptosis, which is programmed cell death. I would like to wear this as a brooch/pendant using paraiba tourmaline andpink diamond.

homosassa florida

larry o's  spot

World Woods 8th at Rolling Oaks

a beautiful, peaceful place to be.

Florida Artist             


Originally from Houston TX a stay at home mom who used her extra time to pursue

her creative imagination.  Now a special

needs teacher, her goal as an artist is to

create unique, wearable jewelry by combining compelling materials with

striking technique.  

I am pleased to recommend her to you

my friends and friends to be. 

Reasonable to say the least

PS. The lure of copper is its


santa maria del grazie

Milan italy

A church made famous by the art it contains.  Showcasing the famous

mural by Leonardo Da Vinci,

THE LAST SUPPER, it is a must

see for those traveling to Italy.

Much larger than expected, the story

of Leonardo and one of his most 

famous works (the other being 

the famous lady, Lisa Gheradini,

also know as MONA LISA), the

story goes that in the late 15th century

1497  Leonardo had not finished the

painting and a prior came to him to 

complain.  Leonardo was outraged,

he went to the head of the monastery.

He explained he could not find the

right villainous face for Judas the traitor until now. He would use the face of

the complainer.


To visit this masterpiece, you must have

reservations.  Only 30 zealots are allowed in every 15 minutes.  Enough time to view, but not for the amount of vistor's who appreciate the Renaissance Art.

cross by bali jewels

In the Greek style. The cross is one of the 

most ancient human symbols, found incised on the walls of stone age caves it has served humanity as a  representation

of the world divided into the four elements, Earth, Wind, Rain and Fire.

Used most recently by Christianity, the cross is mystical, has been used to symbolize the world, the horizonal line, and divinity the vertical line. 

Wear this ancient symbol in precious sterling silver for 95.00

Call for size.  ​Sold.  On backorder.

lorna davison designs


over Sterling silver with cabochon

faceted natural citrine.  This ring is

made to wear, where the sun does shine.

Walk the beach in that black or leopard

ensemble, don't forget your hat.

In straight sizes                        119.00

also available in tiger with smokey quartz

Gemstone Earrings & Pendants in precious sterling silver.  Your choice

in Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet

and Peridot.  Great as mother's jewelry

if your child is born in January, February,

March, August or November.  

​Your choice earrings or pendant     95.00

sterling silver enamel

Easy to wear, simple, yet elegant,

day into evening. Your choice of

​two colors                     129.00

dazzling for sure.

Blue Sapphire corundum

An extremely hard, hexagonal barrel shaped crystal exceeded only by diamond

in it's hardness. In the color on the left

it is utter magic.  Unheated natural blue sapphire is extremely rare.  Most sapphire

is heated to enhance the color.  This treatment is stable and very saleable.

To find sapphire in this hue without heat treatment is rare indeed.  This would be considered Kashmir color, although the stone must come from this area of the world to be a genuine Kashmir sapphire.

​This mine was emptied of most of it's treasures at the turn of the last century.

 Sterling silver gemstone

Peridot, Citrine, Smokey Quartz



stackablesFabulous fun fashion

sterling silver &

         ​       Swarovski Crystals

The perfect combination for cruise...

winter white and all through the summer.

Glittering, Elegant, Bridal, timeless with

​swagger.   So much fun.  Modern.

Circle Pendant                            95.00

Ear pendants                                111.00

Bangle Bracelet                          179.00           



Cross Earrings

handmade, carved wood, batu dots

elegant, lightweight feel the energy

Yours for 86.00                List 144.00

Sapphire & diamond

Set in precious sterling silver.

The sanskrit name for sapphire NILA

signifies blue, the Hindu's believe the wearing of sapphire rendered the planet Saturn favorable to the wearer an important consideration from an astrological point of view, for Saturn's influence was generally thought to be

unfavorable. In Britain in the 14th century

sapphire was considered a cure for diseases of the eye, this demonstrated

​a wide belief in Egyptian thought at the time.                                     185.00


Mysterious, infamous, magnificent, cursed, exciting,

the most famous diamond ever.  

As legend goes it was plucked from the eye of an idol

in India in the 17th Century by a thief that was later murdered for it.

Held by Tavernier until sold to the King of France, Louis the XV for an enormous amount of gold. Passed to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoniette, we all know that outcome.   To King George IV, who lost it to pay off tremendous debt.  To Henry Phillip Hope, it's namesake

who had no heirs.  Passed to his eldest nephew

Henry Thomas Hope who sold it pay off gambling debts.

Then to Evalyn Walsh McClean by way of Cartier who had

now fashioned it into the incredible necklace it is today.

She never took it off and the curse continued, with the death of her eldest son, in a car accident, her daughter committed suicide at 25, and her dear husband declared insane.  Sold in 1949 to Harry Winston, again to pay off debt, it was donated to the Smithsonian Institute where it is now displayed.  I personally photographed it and it appeared as a flash of light, from every angle I shot. I do believe it has magical power.