lorna davison designs

I only look expensive, at 20mm round this beautifully cut, greenish yellow quartz would be great for that special cocktail party.  Set in precious Sterling Silver.  Let's start the Film Noir tradition again.

Wear this gem for 179.00

A 25 Carat Rock



Let me help you design a necklace you will

love at a price you cannot believe.

From South Seas Tahitian to Natural Color Chinese Fresh Water, we love to

sell quality and value.  Just let us know your desires and I will find you the perfect

necklace at the perfect price.

The strands to the left are 9.0 9.5mm

at 250.00 per strand.  Of course we need

to find you the perfect clasp.

I make these for childen and babies too.

Much smaller.  A gift to be treasured for

a lifetime.

As a long time distributor of

Callacut as well as 

Nelson Signature Bridal.

I can provide you with a custom look, ordered to finger size that will make you smile

every time you look at your ring and think of the value

you received.

callacut by nelson

With more brilliance than a traditional

marquise and more fire than a princess cut,

the patented CALLA diamond stands apart

as unique and timeless expression of love.

Inspired by the butterfly's love affiar with the elegant beauty of the calla lily, each diamond is precision cut to the ideal symmetry to ensure maximum brilliance.

No other diamond shape compares to the

unique romance of this truly one of kind cut.



This photo contains my very good friend and former business partner John R.

Davison.  He is a joker, golfer, writer, researcher, and fun loving man. He never fails to make the room laugh. His website contains the numerous works of art we have collected in the last 40 years.  We now offer these works for sale.


richard krementz


Platinum and diamond BEE necklace with stationed diamond chain

Black starr & frost

18K diamond SWANN BROOCH



The answer is my love of details. Nature of course creates the most perfect details, but I love when humankind gets close. These are the pieces that end up in my collection.  They call out to me in a spiritual way that transforms them into more than objects of desire.