Mysterious, infamous, magnificent, cursed, exciting,

the most famous diamond ever.  

As legend goes it was plucked from the eye of an idol

in India in the 17th Century by a thief that was later murdered for it.

Held by Tavernier until sold to the King of France, Louis the XV for an enormous amount of gold. Passed to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoniette, we all know that outcome.   To King George IV, who lost it to pay off tremendous debt.  To Henry Phillip Hope, it's namesake

who had no heirs.  Passed to his eldest nephew

Henry Thomas Hope who sold it pay off gambling debts.

Then to Evalyn Walsh McClean by way of Cartier who had

now fashioned it into the incredible necklace it is today.

She never took it off and the curse continued, with the death of her eldest son, in a car accident, her daughter committed suicide at 25, and her dear husband declared insane.  Sold in 1949 to Harry Winston, again to pay off debt, it was donated to the Smithsonian Institute where it is now displayed.  I personally photographed it and it appeared as a flash of light, from every angle I shot. I do believe it has magical power.

lorna davison designs


By Chi Galatea Huynh, a flower with a pearl with a beautiful diamond inset.  Perfect for a June Mother's Pendant.  Or for a baby born in June, a mother born in April. 

14K yellow gold with diamond & pearl.

Please call for exceptional price.


As a young artist Chi read a quote by

Leonardo Da Vinci "Be a mirror, reflect

all the light around you, but remain true

to oneself".  He followed this philosphy

when creating the prismatic cut, the patented "DaVinchi Cut".  With an emerald and a ruby set below the main stone, the stone will change color in different lights and angles. Also great

for mother's pendants. Those born in'

May, July, February.

Quality combined with value.  A winning

combination.  Call for special consideration.